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  • Premium b-phycoerythrin ideal for cell staining, imaging applications and flow cytometry

Fluodyn™ B-Phycoerythrin Pure Grade

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BPE-PPG-1010M10 mgPrecipitated€139.00
BPE-LPG-1010M10 mgLyophilized€194.60
BPE-PPG-1050M50 mgPrecipitated€531.20
BPE-LPG-1050M50 mgLyophilized€743.70
BPE-PPG-1100M100 mgPrecipitated€699.40
BPE-LPG-1100M100 mgLyophilized€979.20


Fluodyn™ B-Phycoerythrin (B-PE) is a water-soluble fluorescent pigment protein extracted from Porphyridium thanks to an innovative proccess developped by Biosciencia®.

Thanks to its extremely high quantum yield, B-Phycoerythrin is the best choice for flow cytometry.It has the specificity to be low reactive toward non-targetted materials, conferring high selectivity abilities and low background generation.However, B-Phycoerythrin is sensitive to photobleaching and consequently not the best choice for fluorescent microscopy applications.

B-Phycoerythrin is a part of the photosynthetic machinery of microalga and its structure optimizes the capture and transfer of light energy. When the individual molecules are purified and isolated, they become highly fluorescent. Due to its high quantum yield and absorbance/fluorescent properties, B-PE offers a wide range of abilities as immunological assays, protein labelling and cell sorting.

Labeling of macromolecules with B-PE can provide absorbance coefficients 30-fold higher than with small synthetic fluorophores. Fluodyn™B-Phycoerythrin is proposed under precipited or lyophilized form. Precipited form is provided with Quick Desalting System ready to use in few minutes. It can be conjugate with a wide range of molecules using standard reageant.


FromPorphyridium sp.
Exitation546nm +/- 2nm
Emission576nm +/- 2nm
Quantum Yield0.98
Molecular Weight240 kDa
Extinction Coefficient110
PurityAλmax/A280 > 5.5
A620/Aλmax < 0.01
A560/A496 < 2.7
Storage4°C/39°F Avoid light and freezing
Shelf life1 year


For in vitro research use only. Not for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.



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