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Welcome to Biosciencia.com, the website allows you to order products made by Biosciencia French Laboratories. We provide high-end products and solutions for Researchers and Biotechnology Industrie.

Customer Service

At Biosciencia®, innovation is just the start. Before creating a product, we study how you will use it. We know that your research and your results are precious so we apply all of our know how towards the conception of your product. After the transaction, rest assured that we remain just as dedicated to you as before. Our team works everyday to find solutions to even the tiniest of inconveniences. If any problem arises, we are easily reachable and encourage you to contact our qualified technical service support team. They will not only guide you in choosing the best reactants for your experiment but can also respond to your questions regarding the use of our products and services.

Customisability and Continued Service

Our dedication to customer service beyond the transaction gives our products a high level of customisability. We understand that your research needs are always changing and our excited to be able to provide you with new and evolving solutions. All available products on this website are produced in our laboratories. So, we can provide bulk quantities and tailor-made solutions. Behind the scenes, we work to optimise each step of production in order to control and eliminate the tiniest of inconveniences thus constantly providing you with better products.

Quality Assurance Statement

All Biosciencia® products are manufactured in adherence to the same high standards. The quality and integrity of each batch is not only tested at each step of production and after production but we also strictly monitor their storage conditions to avoid any abnormal degradation. This high level of attention means that you always receive a certified, high quality product. (Each product is registered with a unique batch number and a Certificate of Analysis.)

Public research and students

Get 10% off

At Biosciencia we have always been close to public research. Every product we develop is tested and validated by different academic partners, if and only if they are validated we propose you our innovations. In the aim to continue this collaboration, Biosciencia gives 10% off to academic researchers and students on all products. To enjoy the discount, two ways are possible: – Contact us directly, by e-mail or phone, after control* we will create your specific account. It will allow you to get the discount automatically on your next orders. – Make your first order and proceed to checkout via our website and use the promo code “ACAD”. You will receive a verification e-mail *, your account will be created and your order confirmed.

*Official documents will be asked for verification

Environmental policy

In addition to improving our products, we also aim to improve our world through our dedication to being green. Though our approach to being green is to make scientific research more eco-friendly, we don’t believe our responsibility ends there. We aspire towards a world that is more of aware of its environmental impact and seeks to use its resources more responsibly. To achieve that goal, we start at home in our own company. From recyclable packaging to paper-free correspondence, we push towards greener functioning at every step of production.

Our Site is powered by Renewable Energy – The internet provider that we have chosen is actively engaged in reducing their energy consumption. Though mainly trying to reduce consumption in their offices, they are also highly invested in developing their own renewable energy.

If You Receive a Package – We select our transporters based on their commitment to being green. We prefer partners that have reputable carbon neutrality and who work efficiently to reduce their carbon dioxide production and carbon footprint. Biosciencia aims to recycle 100% of its waste. Systems that favour recycling are in place in our company at all levels of production. Each employee has been educated as to the importance of recycling. Additionally, the packaging of all Biosciencia Products is recyclable so please recycle them.

Green Customer option

You Will Not Receive a Paper Bill unless You Request One – Our correspondence is done exclusively by email and paper mail is limited to its minimum legal usage. We continue to work towards our goal of being 100% paper free. Choose the “Green Customer” option to help us reaching this aim.

Scientific Partners

Montpellier SupAgro

Montpellier SupAgro is located in the heart of the most dynamic town in France. It benefits from a prominent and worldwide scientific environment in agricultural sciences, federated by Agropolis International. This association gathers more than 2000 scientific executives within 112 research units. It is the first cluster of this kind in Europe. The headquarters of the Consortium Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) is also located in Montpellier The CGIAR with fifteen specialized research institutes set up in most developing countries, and with its 8500 researchers is the worldwide leader in agricultural sciences.


To combine scientific excellence and the social objectives of research, INRA missions are: To produce and disseminate scientific knowledge ; To develop innovations and know-how for the benefit of society ; Through its expertise, to inform decision-making by public and private sector players ; To develop scientific and technical culture and participate in the science/society debate ; To contribute to training in and through research.


The Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (National Center for Scientific Research) is a public organization under the responsibility of the French Ministry of Education and Research. Founded in 1939 by governmental decree, CNRS has the following missions: To evaluate and carry out all research capable of advancing knowledge and bringing social, cultural, and economic benefits for society; To contribute to the application and promotion of research results; To develop scientific information; To support research training; To participate in the analysis of the national and international scientific climate and its potential for evolution in order to develop a national policy.

Financial Partners


Languedoc Roussillon Incubation assists startup companies whose founders are in a position to leverage research results from post-graduate projects, or from research in public institutions related to technologies with high growth potential. Languedoc Roussillon Incubation is backed by the French Ministry of Education and Research and the Languedoc Roussillon Region. With collaboration from various other partners, Languedoc Roussillon Incubation offers a wide range of services to help entrepreneurs prepare their startup projects in the most efficient way possible. Languedoc Roussillon Incubation offers a sanctuary where future entrepreneurs can benefit from solid logistical assistance for their projects from the very start: Consulting and guidance; Professional training; Financing; Office space.

Montpellier Metropole BIC

With over 40 new companies incorporated into Montpellier BIC, and nearly €15 million of private funding and €7 million of public funds invested in incubated companies in 2015 alone, this incubator has become a major player in southern France. 2015 was a very good year for BIC companies. The results were felt at the global level, and solidified the business incubator’s 4th place in the world top 10 incubator rankings by UBi Global.



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